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Life Insurance Over 50

Are you searching for life insurance over 50 or want to supplement your current insurance?   If you answered yes, that’s great because we can give you an instant quote now.

How does one’s age and health impact their premium?  Can you afford the cost of insurance after you have turned 50?  Let me answer this question for you. Yes, there is life insurance over 50 whether you have health challenges or not.

If you are over the age of 50, you probably have experienced the grief one goes through after the loss of a loved one. This coupled with taking care of a loved one’s final wishes or estate matters makes it that much more difficult for the family.  It’s not an easy task and often times create a financial strain on family members when there is no insurance or savings in place.

What If I Have Been Previously Declined for Life Insurance?

Many people applying for life insurance over 50 can be declined for a number of reasons.  One reason is often due to a high risk medical condition.  Some medical conditions surface as we age.  This is a large reason why premiums increase as we get older.

It is important to have an agent that knows the underwriting guidelines of a number of carriers.  A decline with Company A is not necessarily a decline with Company B.

It is not true that you can never get life insurance over 50 if you have been previously declined.


Is A Medical Exam Necessary to get Life Insurance?

The healthier you are, the better chance you have of avoiding any type of medical exam.

What if you are sick or have a critical illness? Most insurance carriers have their own underwriting guidelines in place pertaining to medical conditions for all ages.  As your agent, I will be able to determine which carriers are more likely to approve you given a particular health condition.


What Life Insurance Information is Available On This Website?

Our blogs are written specifically with the 50 and over individual in mind. It does not mean however that someone under fifty can’t get a quote or benefit from the information in the blogs. As you turn 60 years old and then 70 years old, life insurance options become narrower.

The blogs on this website offer insight, suggestions and tips on how to wade through the options available to you.  We also discuss various types of life insurance to help you decide which will best meet your needs.  Our blog on acceleration benefits is a must read should you ever be faced with a terminal illness.

We offer a host of articles that provide good information to help you make informed decisions regarding your life now as well as your final wishes. You can refer to these and many other questions you may have by clicking on any of our listed articles.


Working with An Independent Agency

Metro Southeast Insurance Agency is an independent insurance agency.  We are here to offer those individuals over the age of 50 life insurance and final expense options. We are able to match our clients with many of the top rated insurers in the industry.  The independent insurance agency is your broker and looks at several insurance companies to find you the best rate.  Our personalized service is without any fee to our clients.

We are an online insurance  agency that allows our website visitors the convenience of a one stop shop.  Our website gives everyone the ability to get instant quotes from multiple carriers and compare those rates.  In addition, you will be able to get quotes for various types of insurance such as term, whole life or universal life.


How We Can Help You

We will review your quote with you and customize a needs analysis on your behalf. The needs analysis determines which type of insurance would be best suited for you and your family while also staying within the guidelines of your budget.  When you turn age 70, the options decrease for you but working with a knowledgeable independent agent goes a long way.

Our specialty is working with the fifty and over population and helping them to find insurance that is affordable and insurance that meets their expected financial needs.  We have studied many of the insurance carriers underwriting guidelines with respect to age, health and other factors.  It is important for an agent to know which carriers are best to work with for a particular medical condition or high risk occupation.


What services can I expect from your agency?

You can trust that you have the best rate available for your individualized circumstances with an A-1 carrier.  Our goal with each client is to make the application process smooth and simple.  We will update you with the status of your application from beginning to when it is issued.

Metro Southeast Insurance Agency checks the ratings of all insurance companies we do business with on behalf of a client.  We look at a carrier’s financial standing on reputable websites such as A.M. Best, Fitch, Moody’s and Standard and Poor before recommending one over another.   All of the companies we work with have an A – A++ rating.

What’s Next?

It is imperative that you do have ‘Coverage for Your Peace of Mind.’  You don’t want to have the stress and strain of knowing your family has to bear the cost of your funeral if there is no insurance, savings or other investments in place. The average funeral cost today is between $7000 and $10,000.  According to Market Watch, less than 20% of people over the age of 50 has more than $10,000 in savings.

When obtaining  life insurance over 50 you should have enough coverage so that you have enough money at your time of death to take care of final expenses.  Take the next step now if you are over 50 and have just began thinking of purchasing life insurance.  Affordable policies ARE available for your age, budget and any health issues you might have.

We are here to educate and inform through this website so that you make a decision you are comfortable with.

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